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About us

Philosophy of Olga Laurus brand

The history of the brand started with the dream of the founder Olga Lavrienko in a magic island of Bali.

«In creation the products I am driven by the love to handwork and everything beautiful. I believe that everything made with hands carries powerful energy and can become not only beautiful but blessed piece of your closet». Olga Laurus – is a limited collection Pret-a-Couture.

Distinctive feature of the brand is author’s drawings stitched on fabric in an ancient Indonesian technique Hot Batik. Each drawing is painted manually by the best masters, which work over tedious masterpieces to bring the unique image of femininity.

We also use in our workshop completely handmade woven fabrics according to the ancient traditions of Indonesia. Our purpose is to inspire modern woman to become more beautiful and highlight her uniqueness, femininity and originality with the help of our exclusive products.

what they’re saying

I absolutely love Laurus flower designs. I love the material and the all round look which is at the least to say tres chic.

Sara Rosenberg

Model from London

Olga Laurus dresses are seriously so remarkable. I'am in awe. I am happy to have one for my wedding rehearsal.

Carolina Perez

Visual Artist from California, US